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Deposit and Withdraw A Complete Guide for Beginner
Deposit and Withdraw A Complete Guide for Beginner's deposit and withdrawal functions allow you to make easy transactions with crypto and fiat at any time.

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Whether you're an experienced crypto trader or just getting started, provides an easy gateway into the world of digital currencies and blockchain finance.

Here's how to get started:

1. Register a account: link

2. Deposit & Withdraw Crypto guide: link

3. Deposit Fiat guide: link


Credit Card / Debit Card

Min: HKD 1,000

Click here to read the credit/debit card deposit tutorial article: link



The wallet app supports over 100,000 types of cryptocurrencies.

Click here to view the tutorial on withdraw cryptocurrencies: link

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For further questions or issues, visit our Help Center or use our chatbot for immediate assistance. If you can't find the answers, submit a request ticket or email us. We're here to help. Happy trading!

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