Why Hasn’t My Deposit Been Credited

Guide on what to do when deposit hasn't been credited

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The process of transferring funds from an external platform to CoinUnited.io involves three steps:

1. Withdrawal from the external platform

2. Blockchain network confirmation

3. Crediting funds to your CoinUnited.io account

It may take some time for the transaction to be fully confirmed and credited to your CoinUnited.io account, depending on the number of required "network confirmations." Network congestion may also cause delays in processing your transaction. You can use the transaction ID (TXID) to check the status of your asset transfer through a blockchain explorer. If the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain but not yet credited to your account, you can check the Deposit Status or submit an enquiry for assistance.

How can I check my transaction status on the blockchain?

To view your deposit record, log in to your CoinUnited.io account and go to [History] - [Deposits]. You can use [TXID] to check your transaction details.

What are network confirmations?

Network confirmations refer to the network consensus needed to verify the validity of a transaction. CoinUnited.io requires a minimum number of network confirmations for each cryptocurrency before your deposit can be unlocked. Confirmation time may vary, so you need to wait patiently for your deposit to be credited. Please note that depositing via an unsupported network may result in asset loss, which cannot be recovered.

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