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What are withdrawal fees?

When withdrawing cryptocurrencies from to an external address, you may be subject to a "transaction fee" or "network fee." This fee is not paid to but to miners or validators who process transactions and secure the relevant blockchain network. To ensure transactions are processed, must pay these fees to miners. As transaction fees are dynamic, the amount you are charged is determined by current network conditions and is based on an estimate of network transaction fees.

Please refer to the fee details stated in your withdrawal process, as it may fluctuate without prior notice due to network congestion.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Yes, there is a minimum amount for each withdrawal request. If your withdrawal amount is below the minimum requirement, you will not be able to request a withdrawal. To confirm the minimum withdrawal amount for each cryptocurrency, please refer to the details stated in your withdrawal process. Note that the minimum withdrawal amount and fees can change without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances, such as network congestion.

Please keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees vary based on the network you are using. Make sure you select the appropriate network. If you are withdrawing to an ERC20 address (on the Ethereum blockchain), you must select the ERC20 option before withdrawing. Do NOT choose the cheapest fee option; instead, choose the network that is compatible with the withdrawal address. Failing to select the appropriate network will result in the loss of your funds.

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