How to Find My Transaction ID (TXID)

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Sometimes, when you make cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals, you may not receive the funds in your account. If this happens, you can check the transaction status on the blockchain using the transaction ID (TXID).

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What is a TXID?

A TXID is a unique string of characters assigned to each verified transaction added to the blockchain. In essence, TXID is an identification number that labels each transaction on the blockchain. With TXID, you can review your deposit and withdrawal history.

How to Locate My TXID on APP?

1. Go to【Home】> 【History】on your APP

2. Go to【Deposits】

3. You can view your TXID by tapping the coin that you have deposited.

How to Locate My TXID on Website?

1. Go to Web Platform

2. Click【History/ Unstake】

3. Go to【Deposit】, your TXID is available under【Remark】 field

If you experience any issues with your deposit or withdrawal, you may provide the TXID to our customer support.

You can also use TXID to see the status of the transaction on that blockchain explorer. Please note that your funds will be transferred to the relevant block after the nodes have verified the transaction. If the network is congested, it may take longer for your funds to arrive.

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