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An Overview of Futures Products & Features
An Overview of Futures Products & Features Futures provides numerous ways to enter the crypto derivative market by offering access to USDⓈ-Margined Perpetual Contracts

Updated over a week ago Futures provides traders numerous ways to enter the crypto derivative market by offering access to USDT-Margined Perpetual Contracts, which supports perpetual contracts and settled in USDT. Read more about USDⓈ-margined contract specifications.

Cross collateral method is employed by to allow users to utilize their crypto assets to borrow against another crypto asset. Read more about Cross collateral here: Spot and Perpetual Margin Trading Explainer

Perpetual Trading: What is it?

To put it simple, Margin Trading allows traders to engage in futures trading activities without having a lot of cash at hand. You’ll need to deposit a particular amount based on the contract value to start with; the rest can be borrowed for an amplification effect, i.e. increasing buying power.

Margin trading encourages traders to reevaluate their positions on a daily basis: traders whose account balance falls below a required amount will have to pay up for their uncovered exposure as fast as possible, or else the exchange can close out any open positions until the account balance meets the minimum value. Traders can also voluntarily exit some less favourable positions instead of depositing more equity into their accounts.

Perpetual Contracts

Futures contracts on are perpetual, meaning they do not have a concrete expiry date. It is completely up to traders how long they want to hold the contract, hence creating an impressively liquid market (entrance and exit made easy at very low costs). Moreover, perpetual contracts are written on an asset’s mark price, which equals the average price of that particular asset with respect to its spot price and trading volume. Margin Program Margin Program is a product that consolidates the margin balance across different trading products with more than 200 cryptocurrencies as collateral. It is designed for traders who are looking to trade actively, cross-hedge, and optimize risk management in an integrated setup.

Under the Margin Program, all of the supported crypto-assets and positions in the accounts are accounted for as one single joint collateral to determine the account’s equity, margin balance, and maintenance margin requirement. Therefore, the consolidated margin balance can be used to open futures positions without any symbol limitations.

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