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Market and Limit Order Price Cap and Floor
Market and Limit Order Price Cap and Floor

An explanation of the price cap and floor for market and limit orders.

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CoinUnited sets price ceilings for buy market orders and price floors for sell market orders in an effort to prevent you from trading at a price that is not consistent with a fair and orderly market. This trading rule aids in shielding your orders from highly volatile markets and unusual trading activity.

The orderbook's bid-ask spread may be wide in a very volatile market, and the best bid/ask price may differ from the contract mark price. Due to the Market/Limit Order Price Cap/Floor Ratio, which is common in extreme market situations, buy/sell market orders or limit orders may expire or only be partially filled.

Please note that CoinUnited will take further precautionary steps, including but not limited to adjusting the threshold of the order price cap, in the case of significant price swings or divergence from the mark price.

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