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Get Started with Flexible Staking
Get Started with Flexible Staking

With Flexible Staking, you can earn rewards while maintaining flexibility and liquidity.

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Staking & Unstaking

Staking are activated instantly. After submitting an unstaking request for your flexible product assets, they will generally be processed and sent back to your wallet within one hour. However, the time may vary based on market conditions and the specific assets involved.

APY calculation & distribution

APY may change based on market conditions and is subject to change every minute. This APY applies to the total asset amount you deposit in each flexible product. APY rewards are accrued and paid on an hourly basis.

Flexible Staking Steps

Ready to start flexible staking on Read our steps-by-steps guide on how to stake, redeem, and view your staking history: HERE

Need More Help?

For further questions or issues, visit our Help Center or use our chatbot for immediate assistance. If you can't find the answers, submit a request ticket or email us. We're here to help. Happy trading!

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