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How to Secure Your Login Device
How to Secure Your Login Device

Methods to protect your account and secure your system.

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It's vital to ensure the security of your computer and system regularly. Here are two recommended methods to protect your account and secure your system:

1. Use Security Mode or incognito/private tab without any browser plug-ins and extensions each time you browse Web Platform or log in to your account. Use the following shortcuts for your browser:

Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+N for new incognito window shortcut

Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P for new private window shortcut

2. Be cautious and double or even triple-check the withdrawal/deposit address you use on your account. Always save a valid withdrawal/deposit address in a secure place, such as a notepad, and copy/paste it to the browser from there. Verify the consistency of the address between the one in the notepad and the one you have pasted in the browser window.

If there is any inconsistency between the addresses, your computer or mobile phone may have been infected by a Trojan or virus(es). You can follow the suggestions below:

  • Install anti-virus software to scan and remove Trojans and viruses immediately;

  • Disable plug-ins/extensions in the browser, uninstall unfamiliar software from your computer;

  • In extreme situations, format the disk and reinstall the OS on the computer to eliminate viruses;

  • Seek guidance from information security experts;

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