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How to Report Scams
How to Report Scams

Learn how to report scams and fraudulent activities on

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Learn how to report scams and fraudulent activities on support with these simple steps:

1. Reporting a Scam

You can report any scams and fraudulent activities to our customer support team.

2. Situations to Report Scams

Report scams if you encounter any of the following situations:

  • A fake representative contacts you by phone, text message, or email to request a transfer.

  • A platform claiming to offer high yields and returns requires you to deposit, but then denies your withdrawals.

  • You deposited to a platform claiming to help you profit from trading, but then denied your withdrawals unless you pay extremely high taxes or interests.

  • Someone contacts you through your social media account or a dating platform and offers to help you invest, but disappears after receiving the transfer.

  • A fake representative contacts you and offers to help invest in cryptocurrency, but disappears after receiving the transfer.

  • A live-streaming platform that claims to be partnering with requires you to transfer money to an unknown account for a giveaway, but disappears after receiving the transfer.

  • A fake customer support staff pretends to help you pass KYC or make a transfer and asks you to let them remotely control your computer, but your funds disappear after the transfer is successful.

  • You fall for a classic Ponzi scheme that requires you to invest and invite your friends to deposit on fake third-party service platforms. Your funds disappear after making the deposits.

3. Case Investigation Updates will make its best efforts to keep you informed of case investigation updates. However, there may be legal restrictions preventing them from disclosing anything about ongoing investigations. Contact law enforcement to report any scam and work with experienced blockchain searchers to investigate the theft further.

4. How Can Help

Please note that blockchain transactions are irreversible and anonymous. Despite their best efforts, it is unlikely that will be able to recover the scammed funds. However, reporting the incident to law enforcement is the best action to take.

Need More Help?

For further questions or issues, visit our Help Center or use our chatbot for immediate assistance. If you can't find the answers, submit a request ticket or email us. We're here to help. Happy trading!

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